Central Bank Building 

The Information Center is a four sided tower, covered fully with glass panes, 23 floors (three floors of underground and 20 floors over surface), area under Construction is 68,000 m2, the configuration is solid cubic rectangular, Height 98 m. Height floor 4.20 m. All the standards required for high rise Have been observed. The structure is steel, with two Concrete Cores, 9 lifts, with 13 people capacity and Another goods lift, tow emergency Staircases within the cores. 
The rooms are separated with prefabricated drywall ( double sided ) suspended acoustic ties, and aluminum sheets, in all false Ceilings, suitable material such as granite tiles, ceramic, and wood work for interior finishing of spaces have been used

Structure design 
The foundation, stretched with changing thickness from 1 to 2 meters.Side walls in underground floors, concrete with a considerably strong diaphragm on First floor. 
A concrete safe with high hardness has been constructed underground, A major Part of the lateral strength of the building is provided by 4 concrete cores in which Staircases, lifts and installation are located. Sliding form work was used .Beams were welded to columns on supports. The peripheral columns stand 3.75 m from one another a more-or-less-tube like behavior for the Frames is made possible. The floors : reinforced concrete slabs, 10 cm thick, prepared on corrugated steel sheets. 


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