Water & Environmental Infrastructures

Scarcity of water resources in the world has made the water issue a real concern for most of the countries and perhaps the most important problem of the world in the current century. Many of the members of SWEDISH TIGER group have

a long history of activity in Water Sector and the Group provides Engineering Services and implements projects in many areas. 

Dam construction 
Currently there are over 270 completed dams with a total capacity of 35 billion cubic meters of water. Another 119 dams with a total capacity of 22 billion cubic meters are under construction and 156 others in the stage of feasibility studies. 
SWEDISH TIGER group companies who have contributed to more than half of these dams, offer their services regarding Dams in following areas: 

■ Arch dam

■ Gravity dam

■ Embankment

■ Buttress dam

Irrigation and Drainage Networks

■ Surface irrigation
■ Localized irrigation
■ Drip, or trickle irrigation
■ Sprinkler irrigation
■ Center pivot irrigation
■ Lateral move (Side roll, Wheel line) irrigation

■ Sub-irrigation

Water and waste water Treatment

■ Potable water treatment
■ Primary treatment
■ Biological treatment
■ Ultraviolet water treatment
■ Ozone water treatment
■ Membrane water treatment
■ Reverse Osmosis water treatment

■ Commercial & industrial waste water treatment

Sewerage systems

■ Public sewer system
■ River-basin sewerage
■ City sewer system
■ Solid waste treatment( separation and recycling, and fill composting)
■ Sludge removal(thickening, digestion, storage )

Water transmission lines


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