Oil, Gas, Petrochemicals

Oil sector is among the technical areas where the specialized know how and actual and practical capabilities are available to quite limited companies. the technical capabilities in this field are developed in SWEDISH TIGER companies. 
Project and Construction Management, Feasibility Study, Basic Design, Detailed Engineering, Material Procurement, Civil Construction, Prefabrication, Mechanical & Piping Erection, Electrical & Instrumental Installation, 
Pre-commissioning & Commissioning & Test Runs and eventually Maintenance and overhauling are offered for the projects of following natures: 

■    Oil & Gas Refineries.
■    Separation Plants.
■    Pumping and compressor Stations.
■    Production units and Terminals.
■    Petrochemical Plants.
■    Gas Injection Projects.
■    Offshore Oil and Gas Platforms.
■    Oil & Gas Pipelines and Related Facilities.
■    Oil & Gas Depots and Tank Farms.


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