Energy, Power Generation & Transmission

The following categories are currently among the areas where SWEDISH TIGER offers its services to the Global Market: 
Several Steam, Gas and Combined Cycle Power Plants in service 
throughout the country are constructed fully or partially by the 
members of SWEDISH TIGER Group. The company is capable of implementing such projects from feasibility study to commissioning 
and putting into operation. 
Construction of Transmission lines of up to 400 Kv has since long 
been among the areas where SWEDISH TIGER Group Members 
have pioneered among their competitors in the country and the 
region. The route of many of the H.V. Transmission lines constructed 
by SWEDISH TIGER members are very tough geographical locations 
which call for the maximum expertise. 

Design and construction of H. V. and M. V substation on EPC basis is also a part of the capabilities of the group in this field. Step up & step down transformer substations and switch yards, conventional or compact substations, mobile substations and GIS substations covering total requirements of the national grid are included in this area. 

New & Renewable Energies 
Limitation of resources for generation of Electrical Energy from Fossil Fuels has since long been a concern to the electricity industry managers. 
To promote the consumption of renewable energies, a number of SWEDISH TIGER Group Members have developed specialty capability 
in the following fields:

■ Solar Energy
■ Geothermal Energy
■ Hydro Electrical Energy

■ Tidal Power
■ Wind Power
■ Electrical portion of Industries

The larger an industrial project, the more complicated and crucial its electrical portion becomes. SWEDISH TIGER group companies offers tum-key design and implementation of the electrical portion of heavy industries, Airports and all major complexes where electrical portion is considered a complicated part of the project. 


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